“DEATHFUCKINGMETAL from the southeast of the Netherlands with members of Inhume, CAllenish Circle, Clit Eater, PRobation, and Mass Deception.” So says this brutal death metal band in their own words. Not to be confused with the American punk legend Rocket From The Crypt, this Limburg sledgehammer spreads an all-consuming barrage of raging guitars, insane drums, […]


A HELLDORADO edition without psychobilly ain’t no HELLDORADO. That’s why the internationally beloved punk rock ‘n’ rollabilly trio, The Koffin Kats, from the near Detroit Rock City, is coming to Eindhoven Rockcity. The band started about twenty years ago in the basement of their parents’ house but soon played for a crate of beer in […]


The New York Times Magazine once described Pallbearer as “one of the most resonant emotional campaigns in American rock music.” And that’s certainly not an exaggeration because this doom metal band founded in 2008 in Little Rock, Arkansas, has been beloved by fans of bands like Saint Vitus, Winter, Candlemass, Paradise Lost, and related genre […]


“All those who wander are DOOL” – Formed in 2015 from the ashes of the equally devastating bands Ella Bandita and The Devil’s Blood, the unique ensemble DOOL makes every show sizzle with tension. Dark, mysterious, elusive, melancholic, occult. Armed with the fantastic albums ‘Here Now, There Then’ (2017), ‘Summerland’ (2020), and the upcoming album […]


Napalm Death is one of the most influential bands in the heavy genre of the last forty years. This British bulldozer already laid the blueprint and inspiration for countless extreme bands around 1981 with its explosive mix of death metal and hardcore (crust) punk, which quickly coined the term ‘grindcore’: extremely fast, heavy, and usually […]


One of the most idiosyncratic bands in the “heavy” music genre in the last 20 years is undoubtedly the American Baroness. It’s tricky to frame this band musically (because of the danger of severely underestimating them), but here’s an attempt: technical, atmospheric psychedelic rock with prog, shoegaze, and sludge influences. Baroness is intense, but a […]


With the Swedish band Graveyard, HELLDORADO swings its hellish gates wide open to the seventies: the era of wide trousers, beards, long hair, and huge sideburns. Call it hard rock, neo-psychedelia, psychedelic rock, blues rock, occult rock, or doom – it doesn’t matter because Graveyard has been doing its own thing for almost twenty years […]


Thirteen years ago, Frank Carter left the English punk-hardcore band Gallows, and we’re still grateful for that. Because a few years later, we gained another amazing band: Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. Raw indie punky rock with a hint of hardcore, rock ‘n’ roll (and electronica), accompanied by razor-sharp lyrics. Live, bad-ass Carter is always […]