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The Dutch “super group” Iron Jinn consists of Oeds Beydals (The Devil’s Blood/Molassess/Death Alley), Wout Kemkens (Shaking Godspeed/De Niemanders), Bob Hogenelst (Birth of Joy/Molassess), and Gerben Bielderman (Pauw). At the time of writing (March 2023), this quartet has only two songs, namely ‘Soft Healers’ and ‘Winding World’, but a record deal with the infamous German record label Stickman Records (which houses bands like Motorpsycho, Loose, Temple Fang, and Monkey 3) will soon change that. What does it sound like? Well, like this: “The album took shape against the background noise of shifting paradigms, universal cramps, massages of the primal brain, plays full of mad lines, and it hesitantly kisses the underbelly that got fed oh so well. The band and the music itself sounds downright exciting. The voices of Wout and Oeds reverberate passionately over mesmerizing grooves and pure melodies and harmonies, a rare combination in contemporary (rock) music.”