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“I know a place where you all gonna go…”

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax may be the classic “Big Four” of speed and thrash metal, but Phoenix-based Sacred Reich leads one the remaining six spots of the “Big Ten”. Formed in 1985 (that’s right: almost 40 years ago already), this likeable American foursome debuts a year later with its ‘Draining You Of Life’ demo that immediately makes it clear what Sacred Reich has to say: melodic but furious speed and thrash metal with socially critical lyrics about the U.S. government (dirty politics in Nicaragua, corruption, its imperialist foreign policy and bureaucracy); deadly violence by authorities; senseless wars and environmental pollution by unscrupulous multinationals. From 1987 to 1996, under the inspired leadership of singer-bassist Phil Rind, the band released the albums Ignorance (1987), The American Way (1990), Independent (1993) and Heal (1996), all classics with metal anthems like Death Squad, Ignorance, Violent Solutions, The American Way, Crimes Against Humanity, Independent. And then, of course, there’s that iconic EP “Surf Nicaragua”… Surf, surf, surf!