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– Smash it all!

— Excuse me, what did you say sir?

– We are Skroetbalg (Drents for a big mouth, a show-off), the Drenthe-based sound barrier-breaking speedpunk trio. We sing loudly in Drents-Nedersaksisch about the things that make life worth living: beer, cars, fighting, other people’s mothers, and of course our beloved province. No, not Noord-Brabant.

— Why should Skroetbalg play at Helldorado then?

– Skroetbalg. With an ‘S’: SKrrrroetbalg! Why? Well, after a flying start in the second year of Corona, with a handful of shows at Sjock Fest, a CD release, and a hefty load of airplay, Skroetbalg is hungry and thirsty for more. The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany have already been conquered, and at the Rotterdam ScumBash last February, everything went to hell during our show. We were the band of the day, the rest of the line-up didn’t even come up to our ankles.

— That sounds damn good. Want to play at Helldorado this year?

– For 3 crates of Drentsche Schans beer, we’re your men: that’s one crate per person. We won’t do it for less. I want to see a full fridge. Plus a few plates of frikandellen after the show, goddamn it. And make sure there are no green M&Ms in our dressing room, or we won’t play.