Napalm Death is one of the most influential bands in the heavy genre of the last forty years. This British bulldozer already laid the blueprint and inspiration for countless extreme bands around 1981 with its explosive mix of death metal and hardcore (crust) punk, which quickly coined the term ‘grindcore’: extremely fast, heavy, and usually short songs with blast beats and confrontational socio-political lyrics. The song ‘You Suffer’ from the phenomenal debut album ‘Scum’ from 1987 lasts only 1.316 seconds and was declared by Guinness World Records as “the shortest song ever recorded” (the American crossover band Wehrmacht actually surpassed that in 1988 with their 3 songs ‘Everb’, ‘E…’ and ‘Micro-E!’ which together lasted even shorter – but that’s beside the point). The first four studio albums ‘Scum’ (1987), ‘From Enslavement to Obliteration’ (1988), ‘Harmony Corruption’ (1990), and ‘Utopia Banished’ (1992) are true genre classics that every lover of extreme metal should have in their record collection.