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Two menacing albums – ‘Carnivore’ (1985) and ‘Retaliation’ (1987) – cemented New York’s legendary Carnivore in the annals of hardcore and metal. Frontman Peter Steele became even more influential with Type O Negative, but couldn’t resist Carnivore reunions later on. After the giant’s tragic demise in 2010, everyone thought it would mean the end for Carnivore. But lo and behold: enter Baron Misuraca (Sheer Terror, Darkside NYC), who not only looks like Steele’s brother from another mother but also sounds a lot like him. Nowadays, even the sceptics are thrilled to witness this Carnivore incarnation; and for good reasons. Thanks to the other two thermonuclear warriors-guitarist Chuck Lenihan (Crumbsuckers) and drummer Joe Cangelosi (Kreator, Massacre, Whiplash) – Carnivore A.D. sounds as crushing and barbaric as ever. Sheer armageddon…!