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What The Hellacopters are to Sweden, Gluecifer is to Norway: kings of the high octane garage-hard rock (with a hint of hardcore punk) scene. These rock ‘n’ roll assholes have been playing in a rock ‘n’ roll band for almost 30 years for the right reasons: to drink, to make noise, and to mess everything up out of pure mischief and recalcitrance. Gluecifer mastered “the noble art of not giving a fuck” when Mark Manson was still watching cartoons with Obi damned Kenobi on TV in his Star Wars pyjamas. Under the leadership of frontman Biff Malibu and guitar wolf Captain Poon, these rock Vikings have made five albums that have cemented Gluecifer’s place at the top of the international garagerock ‘n’ roll premier league forever. Last year, we had The Hellacopters, but this year, fucking Gluecifer is going to set the Klokgebouw on fire.