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Snap your fingers, snap your neck ‘coz the almighty Prong is back! That’s right: New York’s finest groove metal heroes return with a brand new album titled ‘State Of Emergency’, their 13th album up to date. “It’s a very Prong record,” says frontman Tommy Victor (vocals &guitar). “I think it’s totally genre-transcending and definitely ignores what’s going on out there these days. I like all kinds of music. This record totally reflects that because it covers lots of different angles.” Formed in 1986, Prong became a household name in the international metal scene thanks to their classic albums ‘Beg To Differ’ (1990), ‘Prove YouWrong’ (1991), ‘Cleansing’ (1994) and ‘Rude Awakening’ (1996) that shaped and defined the typical Prong sound: heavy and hypnotising industrial groovy thrash metal – angry and loud, but eloquent at the same time.