This year, the country’s most explosive rock band, John Coffey, suddenly returned after its unexpectedly and abruptly scheduled break in 2016. Quitting at the absolute peak: that’s badass. Frontman David did surface in Beachdog, and some band members were also seen in the punk rock band Tusky. Anyway, fast forward to 2023. Wiser and hungrier than ever, the quintet returns after an almost seven-year hiatus, ready to devour the audience once again with musical nuclear bombs like ‘Featherless Redheads,’ ‘Broke Neck,’ ‘SING And Hope It’s Out Of Tune,’ ‘Relief,’ ‘Dirt & Stones,’ ‘Heart Of A Traitor,’ and, of course, the classic ‘Romans.’ This amiable Steam Waltz gives 666 percent every show, and that will be no different at HELLDORADO 2024. Miles to the end of the road we walk to see John Coffey: wall of death, circle pits, and creating chaos.