A HELLDORADO edition without psychobilly ain’t no HELLDORADO. That’s why the internationally beloved punk rock ‘n’ rollabilly trio, The Koffin Kats, from the near Detroit Rock City, is coming to Eindhoven Rockcity. The band started about twenty years ago in the basement of their parents’ house but soon played for a crate of beer in local bars in Detroit. By now, The Koffin Kats have almost 3,000 (!) shows worldwide under their belt, getting even the most boring nerd from the Eindhoven Tax Office to dance with their old-school psychobilly songs (narrating drug use, self-hatred, and horror) in the style of The Damned, The Cramps, Misfits, Batmobile, The Stray Cats, and The Goddamn Gallows.