From the NWOERC (New Wave Of Eindhoven Rockcity) scene (late ’90s), The Spades are more dangerous, unpredictable, and psychopathic than all their Eindhoven siblings. Their recently re-released 2002 debut album ‘Learning The Hard Way’ by Suburban Records instantly established Denvis & co as a successful mix of Gang Green, GG Allin, Iron Maiden, and Bad Brains. While PPSR incorporates influences from metal, rockabilly, psychobilly, rock ‘n’ roll, country, and hardcore, The Spades stick more closely to sleazy punk and garage rock with a hint of hard rock and heavy metal for the keen listener. If we’re lucky, Spades frontman Denvis might perform a song with Peter Pan Speedrock (or vice versa). Can’t wait for their classics ‘Gonna Get Some’, ‘Hit and Run’, ‘Ich Bin Wie Du’ (by Marianne Rosenberg), The Nerds cover ‘Beat Me’, ‘Friday Night Riot’, and Iron Maiden’s non-album classic ‘Sanctuary’.