“Satan fucked a Panzer, and the offshoot is TankZilla.” We couldn’t express it better ourselves. Okay, an attempt: the sound of a raging Godzilla (the Japanese original version, not the weak new one) throwing a V-666 rocket into the Stratovolcano Sakurajima after first tearing off the heads of the occupants. TankZilla is the new musical […]


As the evening falls, HELLDORADO resembles a bustling zoo where hungry wolves, rough bears, sexy snakes, thirsty deer, tough bearded monkeys, and drunken pussycats entertain themselves and collectively build a friendly party that they can feast on for months. Not surprisingly, the Swedish punk rockers of The Baboon Show have been invited to further stoke […]


A HELLDORADO edition without psychobilly ain’t no HELLDORADO. That’s why the internationally beloved punk rock ‘n’ rollabilly trio, The Koffin Kats, from the near Detroit Rock City, is coming to Eindhoven Rockcity. The band started about twenty years ago in the basement of their parents’ house but soon played for a crate of beer in […]


This year, the country’s most explosive rock band, John Coffey, suddenly returned after its unexpectedly and abruptly scheduled break in 2016. Quitting at the absolute peak: that’s badass. Frontman David did surface in Beachdog, and some band members were also seen in the punk rock band Tusky. Anyway, fast forward to 2023. Wiser and hungrier […]


If there is one band that seems to have been specifically created for HELLDORADO in terms of look and feel, it is Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. In terms of musical family, this British psychedelic rock band is the brutally aborted monstrous sibling of Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Blue Öyster Cult, Witchcraft, Cathedral, Winter, Coven, […]